CareerSec: Securing Your Advancement in the Cyber Workforce

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Master the Cybersecurity Ladder: Essential Skills for Career Breakthroughs

Just like we build strong safeguards to keep hackers at bay, it's essential to fight against career standstill. This course is your insider guide to pushing the envelope in your cybersecurity career.

In this guide and its video companion, I've rolled out the thought processes and strategies that have fast-tracked my own career and bumped up my earning potential big-time.

You'll wish you knew this stuff years ago, so make sure your future self is grateful by diving in now!

Unlock Your Career Superpowers: Top Wins & Transformations

  • Rapid Career Advancement: Leapfrog into senior roles with insider strategies that fast-track your career growth.
  • Exclusive Industry Insights: Gain a competitive edge with real-world tactics and advice not found anywhere else.
  • Hands-On Skill Enhancement: Elevate your practical cybersecurity skills with actionable steps and advanced techniques.
  • Personal Brand Building: Craft a standout professional profile that captures attention and showcases your unique value.

Who should jump in?

  • Newbies eager to make waves and land their dream gigs
  • Experienced pros ready to up their game and break into the big leagues
  • Go-getters who want a leg up on how to shine in a crowded field
  • Anyone with big aspirations and the drive to boost their team and organization while moving up

What's the Takeaway?

I've been through the grind and figured out what clicks. I’ll share tactics that have made a difference for me. You'll walk away with:

  • A step-by-step plan for taking charge of your cybersecurity career
  • Tips for making connections that count and setting yourself apart
  • Real-deal advice to seize opportunities at every career stage
  • Networking hacks that you'll actually want to use
  • Plus my own stories of how I made leaps

Next Steps:

Why blend in when you can stand out? Equip yourself with this course and set a new standard for your career.

The clock is ticking. Level up your cybersecurity career—grab this course now.

Course Outline

  1. 🎯 Focus - Escape the ordinary "job" mindset and embrace a resilient cybersecurity career
  2. ✅ Plan - Identify your weaknesses, develop a personal hype plan, and set yourself up for success
  3. 🔬 Iterate - Acquire the skills for the next level, create valuable experiences, and continuously improve
  4. 🔼 Advance - Master the art of generalization, seize opportunities, and climb the career ladder
  5. 🔮 Reflect - Learn from common mistakes, recognize when to say no, and maintain a balanced career path
  6. 👾 Extras - Discover the right time to leave your current job, develop executive communication skills, and more
  7. 📘 Notion Doc - Access all course content at your own pace, including checklists, scripts, action items, and additional resources

Course Details

Included in this powerful package:

  • A 55-minute high-impact video packed with actionable advice to advance your cybersecurity career today
  • A comprehensive Notion page with actionable steps and resources to reinforce your learning and dive deeper

Why only 55 minutes? Because I believe in quality over quantity. This course is laser-focused on providing actionable, relevant content that puts you in control of your career success.

Praise from Others:

  • "A guide like this was missing for Infosec professionals , Love the candid and honest guidance . Good stuff and keep going." - Vinay
  • ”‪Only about 15 mins into the career course and yeah that’s some real talk. Having spent 17 years at the same company I can reconcile that “loyalty” to what averaged out to 2% a year salary increases and losses of skill even though I had multiple roles of increasing responsibility. It was with side hustles (contracts doing odd tech jobs) being where I learned the extra value. Job moves since 2019 with the 18-24 month aggression have increased my compensation by over 100% and immeasurable increase in happiness.‬” - Rick
  • Game changer, am loving it too… awaiting the updates” - Dann

About Me

Hey, I'm Mike Privette, and I've spent most of my career in the cybersecurity field. Cybersecurity has been an amazing field for me, and I want to help as many people as I can succeed in the same way I have. My goal is to help you skip the years of trial and error that I went through. You might also enjoy my Twitter, the Job Indecision Calculator, and The Security, Funded newsletter.

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Unlock the framework and the tools you need to move onward and upward.

55 minutes
Field Guide
A Notion doc with additional content and links
Level Up LinkedIn
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Get Inspired
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CareerSec: Securing Your Advancement in the Cyber Workforce

12 ratings
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